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    Manufacturer of Rotary Union, Rotary Joints

    Fluconn Rotary Unions are Available for Air, Coolant, Gas,
    Hydraulic Service, Steam, Thermic Fuid, Vacuum and Water

About Fluconn Rotary Devices Pvt. Ltd

          Fluconn Rotary Devices Pvt. Ltd ( Formarly " Fluconn Co. ") has been engaged in manufacturing Rotary Unions since 1982. Fluconn is the brainchild of Mr. Srinivas Rao. Transfer of fluids while rotation is the purpose of Rotary Unions. Fluconn Rotary Devices has been the Pioneer in manufacturing Rotary Unions in India, and the only one in the organized sector. The range and design of Fluconn Products covers every existing application for Rotary Unions in a wide spectrum of Industries. The application ranges from a mere swiveling action to spinning at 15,000 rev/min. In the range of temperature, it works from Cryogenics to 350°C. Though situated in a small Industrial Town called Vapi, in South Gujarat, Fluconn Company has a very wide spectrum of customers.
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Our Featured Products

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high pressure hydraulic rotary union
These feature housing with straight through or 90° entry for high pressure based applications.
Rotary Unions for Steam
We offer our customers precision engineered rotary union for hydraulics application.
Rotary Unions For Air
We offer customers high temperature rotary union and rotary unions for high temp services.
Rotary Union For Water
We offer customers rotary union for air vacuum services .
Rotary Union for Steam
We offer customers rotary union for passage app. high speed services.
Rotary union Pressure Joint
We offer customers rotary union for water service based application requirements.
Rotary Union
We offer rotary union for meeting the demands of steam services.
Rotating Union
We offer rotary union for hot application services. Vfeaturing Rotor and Outer body made of temperature resistant steels.
Rotary joints
We offer our customers a wide range of rotary distributor valves that are available in standard configuration as well as in custom design.